7 Phenomenal Photography Tips

Tired of taking photos of the same thing? Are all your images beginning to look the same? Want to change up your style, give your  pictures a fresh touch? Here’s 10 of our favourite unique and creative photography ideas to inject some diversity into your photography portfolio.


The Candid

Yes, the natural and ridiculously beautiful technique of captioning someone who’s unaware they’re being photographed. It makes for really realistic photographs that appear to tell a story. You can almost feel the emotion pouring out of the images. They also make for more special images, as the smiles aren’t fake and the laughs aren’t posed. The body language is natural and nothing seems forced. Carry your camera around with you and don’t be afraid to whip it out and unexpected times to capture magical moments.


The Plandid


Similar to the candid, only planned. Think fake laughing, mid-conversation or looking coyly away from the lens. While these can feel unauthentic when you’re shooting them, they can turn out surprisingly beautiful. And they still portray the natural aesthetic of being caught in a moment. However, they also give you the ability to orchestrate a setup and choose your own positioning, while creating the exact atmosphere and photograph you would like.




Natural Light


Natural light is undoubtedly the best light for photography. While ring lights and other sources of professional lighting can be good substitutes and effective replacements, they don’t produce quite the same quality as natural lighting. You should always try to shoot during daylight hours for well-lit photos. Overcast days are also great, as they offer a great source of natural light, without the interference of direct sunlight or shadows.


Golden Hour

Golden hour is arguably one of the most enchanting times to take photos. The romantic backdrop occurs at sunrise and again at sunset, offering a golden hue and soft airbrush effect to photos. Taking photos at the golden hour is a great way to take beautiful pictures without having to apply filters or overly edit them. The lighting appears slightly redder and softer, due to where the sun hangs in the sky. When the sun is near the horizon, sunlight travels through a greater depth of the atmosphere, this reduces the intensity of direct light and allows more illumination from indirect light. It produces the opposite effect to magic hour within cinematography where the lighting is diffuse and even.

Snoozy Time


Capturing your subject mid-slumber can make for a soft, trance-like setting in photos. Whether it’s a person, animal or baby, the nature of sleep offers an aspect of vulnerability. Taking a photo of a sleeping subject appears almost intrusive while remaining innocent and pure and can make for some exquisite photography.




Mirrors are a great tool that can be used to create unique and professional looking photographs. The way that you position them can create remarkable and almost paranormal looking imagery. It’s a great asset for artistic photography and the combination of angles and shapes offers a trippy result.


At Night with Flash


Another unique way to take photos is in the dark, with flash. This achieves the cool, vintage like result typically found within old Polaroids and the edgy style has recently grown in popularity on social media platforms like Tumblr and Instagram.



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