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The Comprehensive Guide to Turning Your Passion into a Career

Can you honestly say that you love what you do? Do you wake up each morning ready to attack the day? If the answer is no, wouldn’t you prefer to do something you’re genuinely passionate about?
Well, what’s stopping you?
Here at OfCourse, we’re passionate about empowering our students to live enriched, fulfilling lives. We’ve therefore come up with this comprehensive guide to transforming your passion into your career, so that one day, you can honestly say “yes, I love my work”.


1. Figure out what your passion is




It sounds obvious, but sometimes the obvious needs to be said. If you’re looking for a career in something you’re truly passionate about, you need to know what it is that actually gets you fired up. Taking introductory courses is a great way to explore what truly excites you the most. Why not grab your camera and try professional photography for the first time? Or introduce yourself to the world of psychology? How about a beginners course in yoga or aromatherapy?
When you’ve discovered your passion, you can get started on pursuing your new career, knowing you’re definitely doing the right thing for you!

2. Make sure there is demand




Before you launch your career you need to do research, research and more research.
First you should figure out how many others share or could benefit from your passion. Although you can definitely succeed in a niche market, you do need enough demand to survive. Identifying your target market and understanding what they need is crucial for your success!
You’ll also want to investigate your competitors. It can be hard to break into a field where someone already dominates, but don’t worry, it doesn’t necessarily mean the end for you, so long as you make sure you stand out as something different and unique!


3. Get chatty with experts




You’ll want to know what you’re getting yourself into, so reach out to people who are already succeeding in your chosen area for advice. Ask them what they do and don’t enjoy, what their key responsibilities are, and what they would do differently if they started again.
Networking is a predominant aspect of developing a successful career, so make sure you remember your contacts and build positive relationships! Using LinkedIn is also a great way to connect with people in your field and make the most of their expertise.


4. Decide how your passion will make you money


Now that you are brimming with expert advice and understand your target market, you need to figure out how exactly you’re going to translate your passion into a career. From creating a product
to teaching others, there are many ways to do this.
If yoga is your thing, you could become a yoga instructor. If your skills are in photography, why not sell your prints or start a wedding photography business? For those passionate about psychology,you could set up your own counselling practice to help others.
Other great ways to make money from your passion include teaching it online, or running workshops
on the subject.


5. Think outside the box




Remember to be imaginative when deciding how to find a lucrative career in your chosen passion.
You might love fashion but not be very good at actually creating new clothes, so instead you could
try fashion blogging and review other people’s designs. Perhaps the market for wedding photographers is already saturated. Give yourself the edge by combining your services with bridal make-up!
There are many ways to ensure you stay competitive while remaining true to your passion. You just need to get creative!


6. Hatch a plan



After figuring out your big idea, it’s time to make a step-by-step plan for success!
Effective goal setting will be crucial throughout your career, but it’s especially important to get off to a good start. Make sure you set yourself reasonable goals, and have contingency plans in place for when things inevitably go a bit off schedule!


7. Trust me, I’m an expert


If you want people to trust you and buy your product or service, you’ll need to show them that you
really know what you’re talking about!
If you’re setting up a photography business, take a masterclass so you can use all your camera functions like a pro! Thinking of becoming a masseuse or even opening your own spa? Learn a whole range of techniques from experts at the Isla Verde Spa so you can offer your clients a premium service.
By keeping up with the newest and most advanced knowledge in your area, you will stay ahead of the competition and set yourself up for a highly successful career.


8. Be realistic


When embarking on a new career you’re passionate about, it can be easy to get carried away in the excitement. But it’s important to keep in mind from the very beginning, that all careers have tedious aspects.

If you’re setting up a new business, you’ll likely need to raise funds which can be difficult and time consuming (although it doesn’t have to be!). You’ll also need to sell your product to anyone who will listen and keep on top of bookkeeping (riveting!).
By accepting and training in these elements early on, you’ll be able to enjoy and appreciate the exciting parts even more!


9. Get yourself heard




Now that you’re all ready to go, you need to make sure people know what you have to offer. If you’re starting a new career path, update your CV to reflect your new ambitions. For new business owners, it’s incredibly important to brand yourself well and engage with your customers. Get on social media and tell everyone why they too should get involved in what makes you tick!


10. Enjoy your success!

If you follow our advice, your transition from an unfulfilling day job to an exciting new career can be a smooth and exciting experience.
Most importantly, you’ll be able to enjoy your success, knowing you did the right thing for yourself and followed your passion.

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