7 Reasons You Should Be Learning Online


Online Learning has revolutionised education for students and teachers. From primary schools to
prestigious universities and in less formal educational settings – more and more of our learning is
moving online. Lessons and lectures are being filmed and uploaded as videos, assignments are set
through online alerts, and assessments take the form of interactive quizzes with instant results.

But what is all the fuss about?

Here we present 7 compelling arguments for why you should start learning online today!


1. Learn WHAT you want


Your days of learning standard maths, science and English are over. Online learning offers a more
diverse range of subjects and expertise than you could possibly imagine. From professional skills to
self-improvement, the incredible variety of courses available means you’re sure to find something
online that fills you with enthusiasm and excitement.

Ever wanted to learn how to learn to play guitar? There’s a course for that:

Looking to brush up on your Microsoft Excel skills for a new job? Online learning has you covered.


Curious about mindfulness meditation? Follow an online tutorial.


Your place: Guaranteed
Don’t worry about finding the perfect course, only to discover that all the places have been booked
up! Without the limitations of classroom space, there is no competition for enrollment, so nobody is denied the opportunity to learn!


2. Learn WHERE you want


It’s my house and I’ll wear pyjamas if I want to
If you’ve ever dreamed of working in your comfiest clothes, sitting on your cosy living room sofa
with a cup of tea in your hand – online learning is your dream come true.

Location, location, location is where online learning really shines!

With an online course, you have the flexibility to create your own working environment, tailored specifically
to match your personal learning requirements. Ditch uncomfortable classroom chairs and garish fluorescent lights,and really get the most out of your learning experience in serene and comfortable environments.


3. Learn WHEN you want


Life gets busy. With all of your family and professional commitments, it can seem impossible to find time for anything else. But with online courses, you have the freedom to choose when you learn!

Kids at school? Bank holiday Monday? Online learning helps you make the most of your quiet time,
while offering you the flexibility to pause your studies during busy periods!

Online courses don’t have a strict timetable of classroom hours. So you won’t find yourself wasting
your life away in traffic, or uncomfortably close to a stranger on the train on the way to class.
This also means you can work during the hours you feel most productive – whenever that may be!
This means that you don’t quit your day job as online courses can be integrated into your existing
work schedule, so you can build on your skills and interests, without losing your source of income!


4. Learn HOW you want


The great thing about e-learning content is that you can use it however you like.
If you like to watch videos back to back to really get to grips with various concepts – go ahead! If you prefer
making detailed notes, you can press pause to catch everything you need!

You can also use the online forums to engage with your coursemates and make new friends with similar passions and interests.
Unlike traditional classroom environments, online courses are self-paced. They allow you to move at
the speed that is right for you, enabling you get the most out of your learning while participating with other students from the comfort of your home.


5. Learn with WHO you want


Online courses allow World Experts in their field to share their knowledge and expertise with more
people than ever before! The one-on-one tuition style gives you a unique chance to learn from
highly successful people, in a personal and inspirational setting.

The beauty of the internet means that geographical location is no longer an issue. Your instructor could
live on the other side of the world to you, but online, they are right there beside you!
It’s simple really. If you’re looking to learn something new, why settle for an average local instructor
when you could be taught by those at the top of their game?


6. Get the PRICE you want


Not only will your body and brain be comfortable during online courses, but your bank balance will be too.
Unlike traditional courses, online classes don’t require expensive textbooks that you only use once. Instead, all materials are provided online for you to download and print off!
This helps you to save time, money and trees!


7. Get the JOB you want




Taking online courses can vehemently increase your chances of becoming employed. Not only can courses better equip you for the job at hand, but featuring an online course on your CV will demonstrate to prospective employers the various skills you have.

Impress them by highlighting how you balanced online learning alongside your other commitments. Show them you can work independently on projects and are passionate about learning new things. Demonstrate your interest in different subject areas, and the motivation to further your understanding. The combination of these, and more, will help give you a competitive edge and stand out in any profession!


“If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you”


Whatever, wherever, whenever and however you want to learn, online learning is the way forward. It provides you with the independence to construct your perfect learning experience, while giving you the support you need to succeed.
Break down the limitations of traditional learning environments and start learning in a way that is right for you!




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